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Professor Submission of Student Works

Release to Publish  Students Age 18+

Student Written Work, Art Work and/or Photograph

I, the undersigned, do hereby grant the The Hollywood Quarterly(Publisher) permission to publish my students’ original art or written work and recognize that submissions may be edited for grammar, length, or clarity but that every effort will be made to maintain artistic integrity.  I also grant the Publisher permission to publish the submitted photograph(s) of the subject(s) and of myself as the writer/creator of the submitted work. Photographs that are copyright protected have not been submitted without the expressed written consent of the copyright owner(s). I give permission to publish submitted student work in the Review, on the THQ web site or in any other form deemed appropriate.  I recognize that I maintain copyright ownership of each work submitted and that I am free to use my work elsewhere as I deem appropriate.   I acknowledge that there is no monetary compensation available from THQ in exchange for the publication of my work.

I understand that the Quarterly will accept written and other student work for consideration at any time but that the acceptance of student work does not guarantee publication.  Original written work may be fact, fiction, poetry, short stories, puzzles, etc. and will be evaluated for inclusion in comparison to other work submitted and available space within the Review.  Each work that is published will include the student’s first name, last name, school of attendance, and name of Submitting professor.  I also understand and have done my best to follow the submission guidelines listed below.

Submission Guidelines:  Electronic text is to be submitted as follows:The professor attaches the submitted work via email to

Written –  Word document, email attachment by the professor,

Video – A youtube link link provided by the professor

Photos – High Resolution JPG

Photos of students and/or student art work must be submitted in *.jpg, *jpeg, or similar format – in as close to the original photo as is possible.   Second and third generation copies of photos, both electronic and hard copy, may not reproduce well.  In such cases, these photos will not be included.   Student work must include the student name and professor’s email address as well as the name of the person submitting the work and this individual’s telephone number.  All students must sign a Release to Publish – Student form and a copy of that form must be submitted with the work.  The Release to Publish – Student form is available online at the THQ website and may be submitted electronically or printed and submitted as a hard copy.  Work submitted without a signed release will not be considered for publication.  Articles will be due to the THQ Region Representative on or before the quarterly dates as listed in the Review.  A listing of Region Representatives can be located in the Review.

As the Submitter of student written or art work written or created by someone else, I am granting the publisher permission to publish this work and am signing this document in statement of the fact that I have the authority to do so.

By signing this document I am indicating that I have read all of the above, that I agree with all of the above statements that are pertinent to me, and that I hereby grant the publisher permission to publish the written work, art work and/or photographs titled:

  1. Title:     Student Name
  2. Title:     Student Name
  3. Title:     Student Name
  4. Title:     Student Name
  5. Title:     Student Name
  6. Title:     Student Name
  7. Title:     Student Name
  8. Title:     Student Name

Professor Name:

Electronically Signed: ______________________________________  Date: ____/____/____

School of Attendance:

Professor Mailing Address:

Phone #:

Email Address:

As the Submitter of written or art work written or created by someone else, I am granting the publisher permission to publish this work and am signing this document in statement of the fact that I have the authority to do so.

On each of the submissions published, The Hollywood Quarterly will include information about the Professor and College he/she represents.  Please provide that content below:

Content for Professor Bio